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In life there are things we have to do, and things we get to do. Speaking at seminars and trainings is the thing I get to do. From small gatherings to large audiences, I love speaking and I hope that it comes across loud and clear! To discuss me coming to your event - whether as your Keynote speaker, break-out trainer or featured lecturer - please call me at 806.379.8282 or email me at timmons@sbcglobal.net.

I have participated in two conferences where Troy Timmons was the keynote speaker. His experience and grace while presenting puts the audience at ease even while discussing some of the most delicate topics faced by counselors. Troy balances out absurd and graphic stories with hope and tools for counselors to use with clients. His stories about personal contact with sex offenders make his words more poignant and meaningful. I like how he can balance humor with inspiration, and risk to walk where most people dare even look. He is candid, honest, open, and brilliant!
Charles R. Crews, PhD, Texas Tech University

“By far the best workshop I have been to in a long time! ”
- Kimberly Conyers, Amarillo ISD

“An energetic speaker who engages his audience while walking them through the valley of shadows that is sexual abuse and into the sunlight of understanding and helpful responses.”
- L.J. Gould, Ed.D., Texas Tech University

“One of the most knowledgeable and best presenters I have ever seen!
Make sure he comes and presents to future conferences.”
- Texas CASA Conference Attendee

“Excellent! A good review and update for the experienced therapist.”
- W. Clayton Hoffman, Ph.D.

“This guy is truly an expert in the field of child sexual abuse.”
- Steve Nelson, M.A., LPC-I

“Outstanding, Fantastic, Awesome! Wonderful speaker and instructor. 
We need more instructors and topics like this.”
- APA Conference Attendee

“This is one of the most useful seminars I have ever attended. The lecturer was great!“
- Byron Stiles, M.Ed., LPC

“Troy Timmons’ knowledge of child sexual abuse is unsurpassed.”
- Janet Froeschle, PhD, Texas Tech University

“Troy Timmons was truly inspiring! I would not have changed a thing about this seminar!”
- Jennifer Potter, WTAMU Counseling Student

“Money well spent. I really liked the way Troy interacted with people in the class. Thanks!”
- Anger Control Training Participant

“An incredibly dynamic speaker. I mean INCREDIBLE!”
- Texas CASA Conference Attendee

“I would repeat this seminar! Excellent and informative to say the least.”
- Texas CASA Conference Attendee

“You truly busted some myths. Your comment, "Put it out there -- if you don't say it,
no one else will" was very helpful to me as a advocate for children.”
- Texas CASA Conference Attendee

“I loved this seminar and the book!”
- Starla Kindle, Pampa, Texas ISD

“I really enjoyed this speaker. He kept everyone laughing and interested on a very difficult subject.”
- Texas CASA Conference Attendee
“Excellent speaker - full of knowledge. APA should use this guy every year.”
- APA Conference Attendee
“The teachers at Bushland were very complimentary of Troy’s presentation. 
Everyone was blown away by how knowledgeable, funny & engaging Troy was!”
- JJ Chapman, Bushland ISD

“Troy provided an excellent presentation! This is an essential training for schools,
teachers, clergy, and others who deal with abuse and childhood issues. Excellent work!“
- Jon Klein, M.A., LPC-S
“I truly enjoyed how the big scary monster - child sexual abuse - was brought to a more manageable concept.
It brings hope and faith alive as we arm ourselves against the epidemic with courage and facts.”
- Kendra McClure, LPC-I
“Wow!! This seminar is so informative.”
- Cassie Willis, WTAMU Counseling Student
“Troy's use of stories, videos, and statistics made the seminar interesting and engaging. Thanks!”
- Lisa Gibson, Pampa, Texas ISD
“I have your book and I could not put it down once I started reading it! Thanks.”
- Delana Kerley, WTAMU Counseling Intern
“Troy is an excellent presenter and extremely knowledgeable.
This seminar provides very valuable information for me as an elementary school counselor.”
- Dee Anna Green, Highland Park ISD, Amarillo, Texas
“One of the most beneficial trainings I have ever been to!“
- LeAnn Gable, M.A., LPC
“The seminar was excellent! Troy draws wonderful correlations between the perspective of the child, to the errant thinking of the perpetrator and the response of adults/therapists.”
- Bradley Raborn, WTAMU Counseling Student
“This program was ABSOLUTELY worth my time. Thank you for the service and expertise!”
- Melody Youngblood, WTAMU Counseling Student
“Inspiring, informative, and engaging! Troy presents a wealth of information to equip professionals,
parents and concerned citizens with tools to affectively recognize, prevent, and assist victims of child sexual abuse.”
- Beth Moore, Teacher, Amarillo ISD
“Fantastic information and such a professional presentation!”
- Ginger Denney, Teacher

“Brilliant! Every parent and childcare provider should hear this presentation.
There are so many important points that have impacted my knowledge (too many to list). Thank you.”
– Amy Hord, Mental Health Professional, Amarillo ISD

“This information is MUST KNOW for all who work with children!”
- Jennifer Weaver, Elementary School Counselor, Amarillo ISD

“Excellent information and a day well spent! This is information I can really use as a school counselor.”
– Susan Salvato, School Counselor, Canyon ISD

“This seminar is VITAL for all. It has great information on a yucky subject that really puts things into perspective.”
- Nichole Radina, Social Service Worker, Lubbock, Texas

“This training was very informative as a child worker and parent. This is information EVERY parent should know.”
- Melanie Franklin, Volunteer Coordinator, Amarillo ISD

“Wonderful seminar! Your knowledge and presentation was right on.”
- Faye Wallace, School Counselor, Amarillo ISD

“The stories and examples that you give make this training.
This is a hard subject to listen to but you really made it hit home.”
- Jennifer Hale, Mental Health Professional, Amarillo ISD

“The research and video clips were so informative and made child sexual abuse real to me.”
- Teresa Kennedy, Migrant Services Coordinator, Amarillo ISD

“The way Troy integrated his stories with the objectives learned made the subject matter very informative.
This was an excellent presentation. Great to know Amarillo has this guy!”
- Jeanne Sievers, Registered Nurse, Amarillo ISD

“This needs to get into the schools – High School, Middle School and Jr. High! Seeing is believing.”
- Michelle Ellis, Paraprofessional, Amarillo, Texas

Thank you for your presentation at the Maryland Polygraph Association Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and can honestly say that in over 25 years with the Maryland State Police, I have never been more motivated by a speaker.  
Sgt Troy E. McDonough, Maryland State Police

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